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Peak Lapel:

You’ll find this on nearly all formal coats. The peak lapel makes a direct upward shape towards the shoulder; highlighting the prevalent dramatic 'V' outline, which is more pronounced on double-breasted cuts and elongating the wearer's frame.


They can be described as narrow, crisp lines going in parallel directions, found in most suits. Initially known as a coach line, the pattern is evenly woven into fabric usually spaced one half to one inch apart.

Raw Denim:

It is basically unwashed and untouched after the dyeing process. Dry denim is best in a raw state. Because of its untreated condition, areas like the knees, thighs, ankles and crotch will have natural distress and fading. To aid natural abrasion, many people try not to wash their jeans for a duration of six months.

Raw Edge:

It is the unsewn edge of a single piece of fabric. Usually appearing on t-shirts at the neck, arms and hem. This technique creates a raw, rolled effect, ending up with an unstructured look.


It can be described as the length from the crotch to the top of the waistband for jeans and pants. Popular choices include high, medium and low rise.