The womenswear brand shows off an array of style must haves which can be paired together or done in matching style in trendy and timeless styles as well creating a balanced look for the muse who'd want to spruce up her looks occasionally and ultimately not be 'boxed' into wearing the same look everytime.

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Dolce Vita which means “living the sweet life” is apt for the collection that employs rich mix of crepe, chiffon, raffia and lace with stripe and vibrant colours as details that pulls the look together fierce and ladylike.

Inspired by the famous Dolce & Gabbana lemon print, Dolce Vita expresses her outlook to the 'Dolce Vita' life; a sweet and beautiful one through an array of sunshine via the colourful bursts of colours in the campaign.

"In this collection, each piece was pulled together to define our creativity beyond barriers and culture. It’s a statement of how luxury blends Western and African Trends; our versatility and warm personality anywhere at any time" the brand dished in a note accompanying the collection.

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“Dolce Vita is Totally Ethnik’s expression of beauty, elegance, happiness and resourcefulness. Dolce Vita: Living the Sweet Life" Totally Ethnik's creative designer Marie Kipre shares the inspiration behind the collection.

Totally Ethnik is a luxury women’s wear established in 2013 by Marie Kipre who is the Creative Designer of the fashion brand. It is a luxurious lifestyle brand for the confident woman who exudes ethnic beauty in all spheres. The brand has since its launch produced breathtaking designs. Totally Ethnik is a reference for exquisite, quality, luxurious and elegant clothes.

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Photography: Dextdee Photography

Model: Julee Djoulde Bocoum

Makeup: Prettytouch­­_gh

Designer: Marie Kipre