The former Tai & Amali designer officially launches the made to measure and ready to wear line strictly for men. Targeting the upwardly mobile and urban classic man as muse, the crisp collection features simple and classic designs.

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The new line comes with a promise of formal and casual wear for men. Matching jumper sets, matching casual modern sets, shirts, slim fit pants, loose tops and pants and so on made way into the unique collection styled vintage and crisp.

Set in unconventional hues for men including burnt orange, olive green, brown, green, ocean blue, white, nude, solid monochrome stripes with stand out details like mesh, slit, dense fit for the male who isn't afraid to hold his style, the pieces work together and separately.

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"The SS17 collection titled ‘Liberté’ (French for 'freedom') infuses colourful fabrics with classic cuts and vintage styles to present a formal yet playful look, staying true to the brand’s aesthetics which according to Amali, are ‘Simple, Classic and Fresh’.

“There is no need for men to be afraid of colours, and formal wears can be playful and fun too. I think the Liberté line demonstrates that pretty well. Fashion is freedom, and this collection is inspired by that" Amali Curtis the brand's creative director says about the collection.

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Photography- Prince Nuel

Model- Wale Bello

Designer- Amali Curtis