This collection plays with a lot of earth toned colors with little hints of lighter hues in yellow, blue and orange. There is also inclusion of inscriptions on most of the pieces, which I have to admit creates an interesting visual and curiosity.

However, a number of the pieces, such as the flared pants and dress, although showing the creative inspiration and desire of the designer, don’t appear to be for the stylish everyday man, which could matter in regards to selling and making profit and ultimately sustaining a business.

The appeal and aesthetic may not be largely functional but the great thing about art is that you can make it as specific as you want and there is most likely an audience for it. The offerings also pay homage to the style of the 90s with the loose fitting clothes.

Below are the lookbook photos and accompanying story titled, ‘He Who Lives In A Pant.’ Would you be copping pieces of the collection? Let us know below.


He is you, He is me.

Locked in his heart is pain untold.

He had free reigns but no where to go.

Thinking those walls holds on the answers.

To Find His Balance in his favorite words;

Cocaine, Codeine,

Steroid, Girl, Happy,

Boy, Love, Murder 8,

Weed, Baby, Heaven,

Simple Sermon, Peace.

Yet, cold pure wind penetrates his soul.

Now that he feels good,

Give him something bad to look at.

As he counts the ceilings,

While he Lives in his pant.


Brand: MXVV @mxvv_ng


Photography: Ogoh Clement

Art direction and styling: Tokyo James

Model: Seun Logan