Lisa Folawiyo, is considered a giant of the Nigerian fashion industry. She launched her brand, Jewel By Lisa, back in 2005 and she hasn’t slowed down since. Pulse got to chat with the creative pioneer.

Folawiyo is highly regarded for her vibrant collections that mix traditional West African fabrics with modern tailoring and beaded embellishments. Over the years she has garnered international recognition for their work, including joining the Business of Fashion 500 (BoF) List for 2015.

The former lawyer, wife and mother of two has mastered the art of making traditional African prints appealing to not just Nigerians and Africans but the rest of the world. She has been present in the UK, the US, South Africa and Nigeria itself.

As for her career, the style star highlighted two major things thus far that she is grateful for. The first being the designer of the year in Africa award that she won , she described it as “nice that not only in Nigeria were the loved, it was also beyond Nigeria.”

The second feat, which was very high praise for the designer was being inducted into the Business of Fashion 500. According to the mother of two; “for you to get that kind of recognition, you’re doing something right..that was very nice to receive that honor. It’s always encouraging when people can give you a pat on the back.”

Personally, the beautiful lady gushes that her greatest accomplishments are her kids and being married; “I don’t care what anyone thinks, yes yes, i’m a sucker for my husband...children are a blessing and a reward.”

She also talked “meeting the man of my dreams and creating this family that we have. It means the world to me...the greatest thing that I have and I get to enjoy these people everyday.”

She also added that her daughter was in boarding school and that she was happy that she was back home briefly on break. She also added that she would love to take her son to school more and that she enjoys his company.

In closing, She mentioned that her “husband balances me out, my soulmate, only one that can tell me the truth sometimes and I love that.”

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