Latasha Nwugbe shares her experience on how she unintentionally met and interviewed American singer, Lionel Richie, as a rookie journalist.

Latasha Nwugbe started out her career at Thisday magazine as a journalist. Now, she’s left but she’s risen to the position of assistant editor at Vanguard Allure magazine and is working on her clothing line, That Curvy Girl.

Her career has taken her far and wide and caused her to meet with distinguished individuals from all over the world, which has gained her major prominence.

Now, in a chat with Pulse, she’s taking us back to how it all began, with her very first interview and still the one person she’s been most excited to meet.

Latasha explained that her very first interview as a rookie journalist had by accident. She and her boyfriend had attended the 2007 Thisday awards and the lady who had been slated to interview Lionel Richie was absent for some reason.

Since she had expressed that she would love to interview anyone if the chance came, her Editor-in-Chief put her up and sent her to the hotel where Richie was.

She claimed that she was quite nervous but got encouragement from her then boyfriend. She further said she arrived the hotel to meet a cheerful Richie, who was pleasantly surprised by her preparedness and great level of articulation.

She enjoyed every part of the interview and still considers it one of her finest moments because she crushed it!

Watch the full excerpt below!