Latasha Nwugbe shares her experience on how she unintentionally met and interviewed American singer, Lionel Richie, as a rookie journalist.

Latasha Nwugbe started out her career at Thisday magazine as a journalist. Now, she’s left but she’s risen to the position of assistant editor at Vanguard Allure magazine and working on her clothing line, That Curvy Life.

Her career has taken her far and wide and caused her to meet with distinguished individuals from all over the world, which has gained her major prominence.

In an interview with Pulse TV, she speaks on her early years at Sound City Blast magazine where she served as editor.

She explained that she enjoyed her time there, although, it was a much different time from now in the media, as she had to rely on print research instead of technical research.

Sound City Blast was a really great experience. I entered as fashion editor. I didn’t know what I was doing but I had an idea and you know then it wasn’t the way it is now that we’re just googling things.”

She also talked about people’s reception about writers in the country.

“You were just like I write and I write for Sound City but it wasn’t the way it is now but it was a big deal ‘cos it was like oh okay, you’re  a writer”

She explained that she was grateful for her time there and her transition to greater things.

Watch the full excerpt below.