Here are five things we learned about the bespoke designer who recently partnered with Segun Obagbemi of Metamorphostyle, as a way of introducing himself to the Nigerian market:

He started young:

The creative mind explained that when he was younger, his grandmother would make a public show of him, before his family, as an example of neatness and style.

He has an incredible resume:

Kwaku explained that he started his brand because he was tired of working for other people but that’s not all. He had worked at Paul Smith, Hackett and lastly, Alexander McQueen before Brommon began.

Brommon is not for everyone:

When asked about how he justifies his luxury price tags to his clients, he explained that his brand takes the time and effort to give quality, which is not cheap, citing that his fabrics and finishing come from Italy, The Brommon man is a man who spends on good taste.

Brands he appreciates:

The designer confessed that he liked the work of Nigerian formal menswear brands like Mai Atafo and Okunoren twins but said that he wasn’t conversant with womenswear in Nigeria.

Advice to the upcomers:

In talking to young designers looking to start their own brands, the designer said they needed to be hardworking and not complacent, as well as creative and thinking out of the box.