Earlier this year,Kendrick Lamar announced that he was collaborating with Reebok on a new pair of sneakers. Today, the rapper appeared in a commercial for the shoe, which takes place in an empty mansion, where he does spoken word in an empty mansion.

The ad was directed by Colin Tilley, who helmed the video for "Alright." This is not the first time, the duo have worked together, as the rapper has a longstanding relationship with Reebok.

Last year he collaborated with the company on a shoe that dealt with gang violence, and he unleashed a freestyle at a Reebok-sponsored event for teens in March. Watch the commercial below, and check out the text of Kendrick's speech below:

“From the very heart of me, belief becomes action and no distractions will take my eyes off the prize. Greatness is my goal, but there is failure on the way. Full of insecurity, self hate, and doubt. But what I can’t control can’t confine me. And what I can’t do can’t stop me. This is how I express myself, not how I follow others expectations but how I stay true.”