Joke Silva has slayed one look at a time in recent times and it's refreshing to see such style effortlessly so from a veteran Nollywood actress.

The veteran actress, producer and all round good looking 'wonderwoman' has managed to stay classy yet stylish in flattering pieces she's donned (styled in) and she's looked good in about all of them.

A faculty member on Project Fame, the revered actress has since stepped up her style on the show with different looks she dons that have made rounds on social media. Before now, Silva never goes over the top (still doesn't but sure raised the ante) with her style, she was demure and easily blended with the crowd!

Fast forward to now, and she can get on a best dressed list without even trying. How does she stay effortlessly stylish? How has she/able to transform her former style into the 'her of now'?

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1. Styling

Its what a stylist (one that actually knows how to pull looks together) can do! In the new age where pieces are thrown over/ on each other and everyone assumes the role of a stylist it's easy for people to miss it or hit (like Joke Silva). Great styling is key when trying to reinvent one's style or stay effortless without looking like one has tried!

With Joke Silva, working on Project Fame with Yolande Okereke definitely helped step up her style.

2. Age Appropriate

Her looks are ever age appropriate. The veteran stays clean and classy with her looks, sticking to non revealing pieces. She makes sure the styles are not unnecessary dramatic or fussy or even done in blinding colours. She works with what's appropriate leaving her graceful each time.

3. Less is more

With the veteran, less is more. She doesn't overdo it, she wears clean cuts, layers appropriately and in return the looks turn out effortless.

4. Flattering details (colours and fit)

Joke Silva 'works with' colours  that are perfect on her skintone as well as styles that flatter her shape. She doesn't try to  fit into what will turn out looking awkward, she goes with styles that flatter her shape and never in loud colours.

She won't for instance wear bodycons and form fitting looks, she'd rather layer the pieces classy.

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5. Right Accessories

She finishes each look with the perfect accessory making the whole look come together picture perfect. From her choice of headwrap/turban to jewelry tones to shoes, purses (usually glamorous clutches) even her accessories co-ordinate perfectly.

6. Confidence

Sporting the right look is incomplete where there's no confidence, this she has in excess and with each look she exudes it, reminding the world she's comfortable in her looks and remember style is not forced (it's effortless)!