Denim/Jeans have become wardrobe staples that never goes out of season and they come in bottoms; skirts/pants, shirts, tops and more.

Though not trendy denim/jeans are more timeless as they have been seamlessly transformed year in and out/for centuries to suit the existing style trend at any time. It's easiest one piece that almost everyone around the world own in common!

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Not one to ever go out of season, denims/jeans are available in different cuts, styles, wash/colours and so on to suit different tastes just perfect.

The greatest thing about owning a (at least a) pair of denim is the versatility as it can dressed up or down and works with almost any look one sets to achieve; it's about the most versatile piece of clothing anyone could own.

Casual chic, cool, laidback, sporty, work smart and so on are some of the themed styles a piece of denim can be done in.

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For the modern lady Jeans can be worn under any look but for chic variety, these styles are must haves:

1. Slim fit (skinny) Jeans

Slim fit/Skinny Denims work perfect on slim as well as 'proportional' people. Not a lot of people can pull the look off but then quite a number can. They are best paired with flattering tops for an overall good look.

2. (Sexy) Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Denims are usually not fitted, they are more boxy but enough to bring some form of fit and swag to it. It exudes a timeless and sometimes a very sexy appeal. It makes bold statement when it comes embellished/stand out in any way.

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3. Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut Denims are usually safe, they make perfect fits for a lot of tops. They are also about the easiest style of denim to style.

4. High Waist Jeans

High Waist Denims have flattering nip tuck characteristics. The denim usually starts over the tummy and usually features much more button/stud details to 'cinch' the waist area. It covers a lot of bulges when styled right.

5. Distressed Jeans

Distressed Denims are bold, more daring and edgy. The styles are not for the faint hearted as they are for confident people. Distressed denims can be chosen in edgier designs/styles according to how daring individuals are.

Which denim style is your favourite? Pray share!