These women have contributed to the fashion industry in a way with their own style, making a career out of it, some of them inspire and influence people amongst others creating a following and in some cases job opportunities which in turn bounces back to the society where they are (both home and abroad).

These women amongst a host of others have turned fashion into a profit making venture, into exciting partnership with global brands, exposed Nigeria to the world. They have worked to put Nigeria on a global pedestal one fashion piece at a time.

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1. Omoyemi Akerele

Omoyemi Akerele is the founder/artistic director of Style House Files, the fashion agency behind Lagos Fashion and Design Week. The lawyer turned fashion entrepreneur is the brain behind the prestigious Fashion Week out of Nigeria.

She's exported Nigerian fashion brands outside of Nigeria/Africa and has helped solidify the Nigerian Fashion Industry. She was actively involved in putting top brands in Selfridges years ago amongst other showcases and features for indigenous brands in top showcases and runways in different parts of the world. She has continued to partner with BOI to provide trainings and jobs to designers and creatives in Lagos.

Omoyemi Akerele has made BOF 500 list for years now in a row.

2.  Folake Huntoon

Folake Huntoon started off as a stylist who has over the years perfect the art of styling. With hundreds of thousands of followers, the style influencer and designer has used her effortless and careful curation of fashion pieces to set off trends.

Known for her signature big hair, Huntoon has become a name to be reckoned with. Her brand Style Pantry has collaborated with top global brands and continues to propagate Nigeria fashion on a global platform.

She is a pioneer blogger and her consistency has helped transformed the fashion industry into a business.

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3. Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard is a fashion blogger who shows off her love for classic pieces specially curated for a timeless appeal.  For Onayemi-Blanchard, you have to be extremely stylish to 'get/love' her looks! The fashion blogger infuses her love for interior decoration into her aesthetically pleasing looks which stand her out everytime.

She's collaborated with top fashion brands and continues to make Nigeria proud.

4. Monica Awe-Etuk

Monica Awe-Etuk's style is clean, fuss free and eternally chic and classy. This mother and stylist pays attention to every detail in each getup she posts making styles relatable.

From styling a tee-shirt chic to making t-strap sandals super fashionable, Etuk has created a following of stylish soldiers who look up to her style inspirations. She's collaborated with top fashion brands and has done well for herself.

She was recently on a panel talking fashion entrepreneurship and the business of blogger for the 2017 Lagos Social Media Week.

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5. Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo is a foremost Nigerian designer who has clothed top celebrities around the world. The well travelled designer has collaborated with top brands and shows exclusively for top style editors around the world.

She constantly does a great work of pushing the African print to the rest of the world with major showcases at top fashion weeks.

6. Maki Oh

Maki Oh is a revered Nigerian designer; a personal favourite of Vogue editors! This young lady has created pieces seen on former First Lady of the US Michelle Obama, Solange Knowles, Lupita Nyong'O and more.

The Nigerian designer and her brand have gotten rave reviews from international press and continues to push Nigeria and the African aesthetic to the rest of the world.