Stylist and fashion designer,

The outfit which is from Ifeanyi Nwune's fashion brand, I.N Official consisted of a white turtle neck top, paired with black pants and a white blazer. He finished off his look with a pair of black and grey brogues and a black lapel brooch.

The project is focused at inspiring a change in direction, which every youth ought to go through at a point in their life, from the youthful care free subculture to a more professional lifestyle that indulges responsibilities.

Changes of this kind are such that symbolizes a person's mark on his community and the world community, hence influencing the next generation and having them reevaluate their perspective at a faster time than the generations before them.

Having a positive vision and actively working towards it is the first step to creating a nation of inspired youths and changing the world. The photos consist of monochrome hues and dark tones with a tropical setting.

Check out the photos above and let us know what you think of the dapper gentleman.