Idia Aisien is one of the most in demand African models and media personalities in and out of the country, with appearances at high end fashion shows and working with the biggest brands in the media, she shows no signs of stopping now.

Although hard to believe, Idia Aisien started her journey in the banking and finance sector, however, she always had a passion for modelling, gracing runways as earlier as age 15 and working with the likes of the U.N.

Idia got a chance to chat with Pulse TV about her journey coming from the banking sector and finding her way in the Nigerian media and fashion industry.

Idia recalls a great childhood filled with sibling and family and a lot of playtime; “I remember my brother always eating my food. I remember every single time I went outside to play, getting injured. I have so many scars to prove it.”

She got signed to Beth model agency at the age of 15. One day she was at Maria Odunsi’s store and they cameras came into the store and started taking pictures and all of a sudden she was in the papers and then Maria wanted her for a charity event with the U.N.

She continued her journey at a bank but still loved fashion, so she would model while she was working at the bank, even while doing her masters, she would run around NYC for auditions and castings.

In discussing differences between working in New York and Nigeria, she agrees that the Nigerian fashion industry is still developing. Everything is fast paced in NYC unlike Nigeria.

However, there’s so much work in Nigeria. “It’s great to be a part of the growth and it’s a great place to be right now in the moment  for fashion.”

As for her philanthropy, she explains that she grew up giving back because of her parents, especially her dad. Her mom worked with the lion’s club helping as well. She also spent time at orphanages donating at a young age.

Now she is working on a foundation that deals with poverty and education and women’s empowerment. “if you give people the tools to be able to do things for themselves, that’s when change can actually happen, You have to start from the root of the problem which is educating our youth”

With her bachelor’s degree in journalism and  another in international PR from NYU, she has learned a lot in media, editing and a lot about marketing herself.

Now, she has finally transitioned into doing what it is she really wants to do, starting out her foundation and hosting 2 shows, including within 3 months of moving to Nigeria

Check out the rest of her interview to get the full scoop on her journey. Pulse wishes Idia the best in all her endeavors.