While we think about green outfits, most of the part is that green brings a feeling of peace, calmness, being alive.

If green is one of favorite colours, get ready to be entertained and if you're drawn to green hues, we're about to make you green with envy. Green is a rich and versatile colour that comes in different shades. With all these shades, there's a possibility that one will look good on you. All you need to know is the shade that works for you.

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This article will show you how to rock emerald green with the elegance it requires to stand out as seen on style blogger, Folake Huntoon. We spotted some amazing outfits on her Instagram page and we think it would help you switch up your style in 2020.

1. Folake had us screaming class as she rocks a sexy green gown with a perfect high thigh slit that trendy. Turn heads at that dinner in this lovely V-necked gown.

2. You can jumpsuit it like Folake. The V-necked jumpsuit caught our eyes because of the fitted with waist and the wide-legs. You can rock this to a red carpet event or a party like a fashionista.

3. Searching for a way to turn heads? Try this look. The one shoulder dress accentuates the hips and cuts out the body shape with the fitted waist band and length.