The secrets to being well dressed are not far-fetched and definitely not rocket science either. They include but not limited to; finding your perfect personal style, reviewing what you have in your closet to see what needs to be added or discarded, then most importantly, mastering the art of perfect colour matching and only wearing right fitting clothes and shoes. 

I cannot stress enough how colour matching and sizing could make or mar an outfit. For example, brown and black, green and pink, purple and yellow are colours that should never be worn together except of course you are going to be performing at a circus! LOL. Also, never wear oversized coats or pants that fold over at the bottom. Don’t do it!

How to look your best at your next event without breaking the bank

I am certainly not an embodiment of knowledge but the few tips I share below have helped me stand out and receive loads of accolades at events.

It can be a little tricky putting together a fabulous outfit without trading in an arm or a leg. Although thousand plus-dollar designer outfits may look great it doesn’t mean you would slay at the event. Chances are you already have a suit (grey or coloured) and a white or coloured button-up, long sleeve, collared shirt (sometimes I go shirtless but this is up to your judgment). 

I would advise you get everything tailored and dry cleaned ready to wear. Then pick a tie that matches your shirt, pants or both. A solid-coloured or patterned tie is good for formal events but when attending a fashion event, feel free to wear a colourful, flowery or flamboyant tie to stand out. Wear black or brown well-polished dress shoes in good condition (I would wear brogues, double monks or loafers) and always match your belt and shoes. I would wear some fancy and colourful dress socks just to give my feet that “kick”. Never wear sports/athletic socks with formal attire.

How to look your best at your next event without breaking the bank

On the flip side where you have no suit, there are a couple of places to pick them up for cheap. You could also go to Thrift shops or try to catch sales at the shops. Make sure they are a perfect size, nothing too big or small and in pretty good condition. Don’t hesitate to have them tailored to make the necessary adjustments to achieve a perfect fit. Also, feel free to splurge on accessories like pocket squares, lapel flowers and a good wristwatch. As they say, accessories are like vitamins to fashion - as such, you should use them liberally. 

How to look your best at your next event without breaking the bank


AUTHOR’S BIO: Chukwunonso Ezekwueche is a men’s fashion influencer and content creator that shows men how to dress well without breaking the bank. He is also a licensed pharmacist in Nigeria. Feel free to follow him on Instagram or shoot him an email at