Ban Opal, having led the race of fashionable casual clothing items has come up with some of the most trendy designs and reliable materials, making the use of a face mask an encouraging fashionable to the youth populace amidst the covid19 scare.

Why face masks?

As a responsible brand we needed to focus on the essential need of the moment considering the reality of covid-19. We had to preach safety by encouraging our clientele to embrace the use of face masks as a protective measure while staying trendy. This direction has made us shut down the designing and production of other fashion items such as polos, hoodies, sweatshirts amongst others to focus solely on the production of face masks. We knew it was a catch for our loyal customers who had trusted the BanOpal Clothing brand over the years and also the general public who are yet to submit to a safe outfit for such a commodity. Our communication direction is to advise the general public to stay home and stay safe, and if they must go out, our face masks come in handy for reliable use.

Having 6 years of experience in the fashion retail business, we have built brand credibility and proven to deliver high quality clothing items for all demographics across the nation. We are in the best position without a doubt to produce high quality fashionable face masks.

How A necessity product became trendy and gave back to humanity
How A necessity product became trendy and gave back to humanity

How is your face mask different from what's obtainable on the street

Our face masks are quite trendy. They are unique and very much different even in quality. It's been proven to pass the fire-test and we made use of denim fabric mixed with cotton, as well as the Isi Agu fabric which is popular amongst the Nigerian Eastern tribe. These facemasks are hand-made, carefully woven to suit easy breathing and allow for interphasing. It's reusable after washing and easily maintained. In this period of coronavirus pandemic, which has limited physical transactions, we have also made the process of acquiring these safe face masks easy, by redirecting all customers visiting our website; to which encourages them to purchase only face masks and also enjoy FREE delivery within Lagos.

How A necessity product became trendy and gave back to humanity
How A necessity product became trendy and gave back to humanity

As a responsible brand, is there any CSR coming out of this?

The founder and creative director of BanOpal Clothing - Samson Opaleye intends to make this a humanity driven-project by giving a fair share of on sale facemasks to a reputable charity organization led by Abimbola Ajala of ‘Lend A Hand For Africa’. This will be done in tandem to our setup ideals by providing essential food provisions for those who cannot afford it, and we intend to achieve this by sharing 50% of our monthly net profit proceeds from sale of face masks. As clients click on transactional links on they are indirectly giving about 20% of the purchase value to aid our social cause.

How will the charity organIzation identify the people to cater for and what to provide?

Lend a hand for Africa is an organization that constantly seeks to reach out to children in local communities providing education support to them through their various initiatives.

However, with schools shut and lockdown at various points, their beneficiaries are finding it difficult to feed. Our intent is to reduce the crime rate that might spring up from this pandemic and give them a beacon of hope. We are giving food supplies and hygiene materials to help them get through this period.

LAHAFRICA has a very cordial relationship with adopted communities and needs assessment helps the organisation reach directly to families and cater to their needs as required.

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