That time of year is nearly upon us; fashion week.

Lagos Fashion Week is one of the most profound fashion week platformsthat we have here in Nigeria. The event, founded by Style House Files founder Omoyemi Akerele has been responsible for launching the careers of many of our favourite designers and being a constant ally in the creative field. The amount of love, support and attention the event receives is testament to its massive impact on the burgeoning industry.

For Omoyemi, it goes way beyond fashion. Speaking to the Guardian earlier this year in a rare interview, Omoyemi said, ''For us, it’s always been beyond fashion week. It’s not just an event; it’s a platform. [SHF] has developed and executed strategic initiatives to support and strengthen the industry. Lagos Fashion Week is one of them.''

Alongside Lagos Fashion Week, Omoyemi presents the Fashion Business Series which invites thought leaders to share their perspectives, in order to gradually begin to develop a semblance of structure for creating sustainable change in the industry. Their goal is to effectively capture, engage and connect with a diverse demographic of industry players, contributors, stake-holders, fashion cognoscenti, policy-makers and potential investors.

Alongside those initiative is one that is closest to Omoyemi's heart, SHF Trains, which aims to increase the number of skilled workers in the garment manufacturing sector, positively impact job creation and generate additional sources of income.

Lagos Fashion Week is an initiative that is so much more powerful than simply showing clothes. It takes into account every facet of the design industry from production to business and uses education and create a more transparent and functional industry so that one day, we may compete with international fashion weeks, and make our own indelible and unique stamp on the global fashion industry.

As we gear up for yet another exciting edition, we bing you 5 reasons why you should be looking forward to this year's edition, as if you needed any more convincing!

1. You get to find out the 'Next Big Thing'

There's no better feeling than discovering fresh, exciting talent first. Lagos Fashion Week pride themselves on being a platform that uplifts upcoming talent.

If you attend fashion week, you get a chance to uncover new African fashion talent. From their pan-African talent search Fashion Focus Africa, you will have the exclusive opportunity to see what African designers are pioneering the content-over.

2. You get to see all your favourite influencers

Part of the appeal of fashion week is getting to see all our favourites wear their Sunday best and thrill us with their exciting style picks. In a pre-social media age, the antics of fashion week were only ever privy to those lucky enough to be invited but now, the digital age and the world of influencers have flung the door open to the masses making the industry as a whole more accessible for the people.

Fashion week means influencers will be attending to create the content we love and giving us serious FOMO.

3. It's a chance to play dress up

You know that leopard print slip dress you wanted to wear those mules, a printed blazer and velvet bag? Not quite appropriate for popping to Shoprite. It will, however, have you fashion week ready. Fashion Week gives us chance to be adventurous with our style picks.

There's just something about knowing you're about to see your peers and watch a whole lot of fantastic fashion that makes you want to throw all the rules out of the window and dress to impress.

4. It's an opportunity to seem some of your old favourites

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As much as we love to find new favourites, there's something to be said about re-discovering some of your favourite veteran designers. Designers who pioneered in their fields and blazed the trail for young creatives today. People who dared to do in a time when the industry wasn't looked upon so favourably.

5. You get to take part in the move towards a sustainable fashion future

Last year, Lagos Fashion Week partnered with Designer's Consociate last year on their "the Designer Shirt Project" and it's back again this year. The project makes a powerful statement about the way we produce clothes in Nigeria and opens the channels for an important dialogue about sustainable and ethical fashion in Nigeria. Founded by Zara Okpara, Designers Consociate is about to change the way we create.

According to their website:

Designers Consociate is committed to engineering growth and development by creating sustainable solutions across the fashion industry's supply chain. From creative collaborations to innovation led partnerships to business and brand developments embodying industry advocacy; we are a catalyst for a dynamic fashion industry.