The fashion brand has continued to release stunning perfectly crafted looks (even with their recent diffusion line). The aesthetics of Style Temple is easily understated glam with an effortless edge.

Top over wrap sheer  bottom, jumpsuit with fluid silhouettes, de constructed figure hugging dresses, deconstructed capes cinched nip tuck and belted over fringe skirt, structured blouses with exaggerated details were featured in the collection.

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Grey, white, plum, gold hues on bubble sleeves, ruffles, sash/tie details, exaggerated hemlines, accordion pleats, tassel, side slits were some highlighted trends throughout the collection.

The de constructed shirts-my favourite looks in the collection- take close inspiration from Rei Kawakubo, Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld with skirts featured in sash, suspended hem detailed dresses for the sophisticated muse who loves intricate but simple creations were also offerings on the runway.

The ultimate Style Temple muse is a chic non-conformist, a strong sensual style aficionado and a connoisseur of timeless pieces.

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After seeing that the brand couldn't be faulted for designs, creative execution and even styling, I looked out for flimsy details (as simple as a wool out of place to indeed prove there wasn't such a thing as excellent presentation) but I didn't find any!

Any designer topping Style Temples showcase will be totally on another different pedestal!