With the New Year come a lot of major changes in behavior and lifestyle but also, in wardrobe style.

This means you could consider changing the most comfortable part of your clothing, which is your footwear. 2015 was the year for Jordans, Yeezys, and luxury high-fashion hi-top sneakers.

That can change this year, as you invest in some super comfortable affordable low tops that are still quite trendy.

You can either go for a pair of Chuck Taylors, or Stan Smiths. But if you really want to go all the way, you could try these crisp clean white low tops from Givenchy.

Although, they may be on the expensive side in comparison to most sneakers, but they are very classic just like everything else Givenchy makes.

They are simple and good looking enough to wear with your super stylish looks like a great blazer or a nice pair of jeans. If you’re going to cop them, you better get to it fast though.