Don't you just love Lupita Nyong'o's perfectly toned upper arms? We adore her arms! They just peep pretty out of all the fabulous designer frocks she's been throwing our way.

A well toned upper arms is so worth the effort. A pair of gorgeous arms sits pretty well on the shoulders and make clothes fit. They are necessary to give a taut, tight and well toned body.

These easy exercises help to get perfectly toned arms

1. Bicep Curl

You need a set of 2kg dumb-bells for both hands for this exercise. It is a rather simple way of toning your upper arms.


1) Stand with your knees slightly bent in front while holding the dumb-bells in each hands.

2) Keep your head and back still.

3) Bend your arms slowly while directing the weight of the dumbbells towards your shoulders/close to the body.

4)  Repeat this 15 to 20 times.

2. Pull-ups

Pull-ups work well for the upper muscles, they work especially on the arms and shoulders.


1) Get a high horizontal bar (higher than your head) inserted into the wall (make sure it is strong and well placed).

2) Place your hands apart on the bar while pushing your body weight up till your chin reaches the bar level.

3) Ease your body down -initially you might require extra effort to lift up your body to get your chin to the bar but with a little help and practise in time you will be able to

4) Repeat this at least 15 to 20 times.