Men are constantly rating women on their looks and style and most often physique. Well, the ladies are doing the rating this time and dishing on their style dos and don’ts when it comes to men’s style.

Pulse took a poll of a number of ladies from several walks of life, from the professional setting to casual environments to get their thoughts on men’s style. The result is what we bring to you in 7 dos and dont’s for men.

Men are usually quite confident and sure when it comes to their style but sometimes you need a second opinion to let you know that the shirt doesn’t really suit you. To that effect, here are 7 dos and don’ts for men’s style as told by women:


1.) Muscle shirts: It’s great for shirts to fit and look snug but not too snug that it feels like your next breath will shirt your shirt into shreds. If you have muscles, tastefully show them off.

2.) Short shorts: Yes, we may borrow some styles from ladies, but not this one. There’s no reason why we should be looking at three quarters of your thighs.

3.) Sheer tops: Most women agreed that they didn’t have an issue with sheer tops but they would prefer it worn with a piece of underwear, like an undershirt or vest.

4.) kanye vibe: Most of our polls determined that they didn’t like the grungy vibe with saggy pants, super long shirts with holes in them. They preferred a more put together look.

5.) Pointy shoes: You know those shoes that are super pointy and then go ahead to curve, yeah, most women hate that trend.

6.) Sagging: Regardless of the love for pop stars and musicians, women seem to be more into the ‘pull your pants up’ more serious vibe.

7.) Big buckle belts: Those cowboy fat looking buckles on belts apparently are a no no with women. They feel it’s tacky and altogether wrong.


1.) Well tailored shirts: Women love to see a well fitted shirt on a man because it has a distinguished, clean and polished look to it.

2.) Blue: A recurring point that came up was the use of blue menswear. A lot of men already love the color blue, probably because it’s cool and versatile. Women love it too!

3.) Denim with sneakers: Wearing denim with sneakers or casual shoes as opposed to oxfords seem to fly with the women. Instead try Chuck Taylors or brogues.

4.) Formal look: I guess there’s something about the professional looking man that makes women flutter. Maybe, it’s the idea that he holds his own financially. So suit, tie and the works.

5.) Trim up: A man with a nice hair cut and shave is extremely attractive and the women agree that they would rather men trim and proper.

6.) Great Shoes: It is said that shoes reveal character. So I guess it makes sense to pay attention to footwear and getting the right pair for the right occasion.

7.) Shorts: Okay, so women don’t like short shorts but they appreciate any man with great toned legs in the right size and length shorts.

So men, do you agree with these polls and suggestions, let us know what you think and if you have some more to add to it.