Femi Adeyemi, creative director of FemyToys came into the limelight last year with his ‘Geometry’ collection, although it wasn’t his first year as a fashion designer. Now he’s chatting with Pulse TV about his brand and journey.

In talking to , there were a few things that he was able to highlight about his career. Thus, here are three things we learned about Femi and FemyToys:


Femi’s inspiration came very early, from his mother, who was a retail fashion designer. According to the designer, he would go around helping with little duties for his mom.


He had childhood dreams of being a chartered accountant and so he started taking ICAN classes at some point. However, he had to drop that, as he had a lot on his plate but retained his dream in his brand logo; “Chartered Tailors.”


The creative director claims that when he started he had it in mind to go with the title, TOYS and co. for his brand name but later changed it to FemyToys with TOYS meaning “Touch of your style” but in rebranding he is switching the acronym to “Touch, Originality, You and originally was touch of your style but now it’s touch, originality, you and service.