Although traditional styles can be seen as boring and outdated in modern times, we have new and innovative designs that are redefining the way we approach it. One of these designs is auto gele and it is a surefire way to take your look to the next level with none of the stress.

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The gele is a part of traditional womenswear in Nigeria, and is usually the indicator of an elaborate outfit much like a fascinator or a hat is to the West. Geles have been worn by Nigerian women for decades, but in recent years have become the ultimate fashion accessory for an a big party, called an owambe. Over the years, they have become more elaborate, intricate and now a gele is akin to a status symbol.


To tie a gele however, takes skill, which not too many have and it is common practice to get someone perhaps a make up artist or a professional gele tyer (yes they exist), to tie your gele for you. The invention of Auto Gele serves as a game changer, as they provide ready-to-wear geles, tied to perfection and all you need to do is fasten it at the back. Simple!

Now, getting dressed up and looking fancy just got a lot easier and for those women whose weekends are full of parties and weddings, it's the dawn of a new era.