Protests are not slowing down. Not yet. As at the time of writing this article on October 12 2020, a day after Nigeria’s Police chief announced that SARS has been disbanded for good, young Nigerians are still massively protesting, asking that #SARSMustEnd.

Protesters are promising that there’d be a bigger one tomorrow, October 13, 2020. If you are to join the protests, or if you already have, here are things you need at all times.

Means of identification

A valid ID card, voter’s card, or other means of identification is important at all times.

Nose masks

Covid is still outside. Stay on guard. Hand sanitizers are important as well.

Appropriate outfit

Choose outfits you are comfortable in, including shoes that make it easy to run when the need arises.

Water and snacks

You’d need to stay hydrated as there would be little/loads of physical exertion in form of chanting, walking and/or running. The weather could also turn harsh, so fast. Stay hydrated and energised with water and snacks.

No contact lenses

It is dangerous to your eyesight.

Protective gear

If you have helmets, masks that protect against tear gases, gloves and other protective gear, go out with them.

Your medical needs

If you are athsmatic, do not forget to come out with your inhaler. Other medical needs you need for personal medical conditions should not be left behind.