With all the parties going on for 'detty December' and the festive season, the burden of what to wear to those events are on every woman's mind.

As the year comes to an end, you'll agree with us that it's a great time to unwind and loosen up to have all the fun you couldn't get access to since the year started. How will you attend these events without considering rocking the best of outfits? It has to also be trendy.

From the outfits, we've seen on your favorite celebrities and fashion influencers. Colours, and sparkles seem to be the trademark for the end of the year look. Trust us to sort you out with style inspirations from celebrities.

Here's show our favorite celebrities wants us to look during this festive season.


If you plan to blind haters and stand out at every this December, you should be rocking shiny outfits like sequins in the best of styles. You can never go wrong with this look. We already put together some looks that would show you how to step out in sparkles.

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Showing off and coming in with a presence shouldn't be a bad idea. You can play with colours in monochrome form and mix. Grabbing attention at those parties is inevitable with colourful outfits. Here are some outfits that will inspire your style.