Davidos achievements defy his 25 years. In such a short amount of time, he has made an indelible mark on the Nigerian music industry and has become a pop culture icon. In his Native magazine cover shoot, the popular artist is in his element as he faces his biggest competition yet; himself.

Styled by in collaboration with concept lifetsyle store , the three sides of Davido are depicted in the creative photo shoot.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

David Adeleke, holding a glass of cognac in one hand and a Montecristo no.5 delicately balanced between the thumb and index finger of the other one, is sharing a toast with his partner Asa Asika at a new lounge in Lekki. As Davido exhales the thick Cuban cigar smoke to the heavens, you would be excused to think we were in the middle of a mob flick – he’s actually been filming a movie in his “free” time recently – but this is just the set of The NATIVE’s Cover Shoot.

Perched on a leather bar stool, Davido takes sips from his drink as he scrolls through Instagram, waiting for direction from Chris Okoigun. He seems relaxed. It’s a stark contrast to his mood just over a year ago.

Harken back to December 2016, and Davido is similarly reclined in an arm-chair, tucked away in a covert corner of The Federal Palace hotel’s bar. But this time, he doesn’t seem so relaxed. As the mayhem from the electrifying Migos concert died down and fans streamed out into the parking lot, David and his entourage had ducked into the hotel to grab a bite.

He ordered a club sandwich upon arrival, but he hasn’t touched it. He’s by no means in a mood – he’s still exchanging in conversation with his crew, toying with the idea of attending the after-party. A few fans manage to spot him despite the location of his table, and he dutifully obliges their request for pictures.

But something isn’t quite right.