Gucci was founded in 1927 by Guccio Gucci and has had made its name as one of the top luxury brands in the world but this year saw the brand soar to new heights and even our Naija celebs have joined the Gucci Gang.

Since it was taken over by Creative Director Alessandro Michele in 2015, the face of Gucci has been completely revamped. The Italian luxury brand which has seen periods where it has really struggled to compete saw a huge resurgence in popularity fuelled in large part by black culture.

Ad Campaign

The effect has been so evident that Gucci paid homage to black disco culture in their latest ad campaign featuring all black models which was a significant move to make in a notoriously prejudiced industry.

Hip-Hop Culture

The Hip-Hop culture in particular has had a massive effect on sales as artists such as Migos, French Montana and Gucci Mane have championed the brand and everyone who is everyone has been seen in Gucci branded clothing and accessories. Pop queen Beyonce has been seen in head-to-toe Guccion more than one occasion citing the designer as one of her absolute favourites.

Nigerian celebrities

Nigerian celebs have alsogot on the Gucci wave despite the designer items costing from N135K for a headband to in excess of of N1.5m for sweaters similar to the one Wizkid wore to his Christmas Eve concert.

Media darling and professional 'babygirl' Toke Makinwa has often been spotted wearing the designer whether it's their silk pyjamas or their popular jewelled monogrammed bags.

Despite the hefty price tags, our Naija celebrities have refused to carry last.

Here are some our favourite Gucci pieces on our favourite celebs.

Gucci has become much more than a designer, its now a status symbol. The price tags and the cult celebrity following puts the wearer on an instantly different platform. The emergence of the Gucci Gang song by Lil Pump and its subsequent popularity shows that being a part of the Gucci family puts the wearer in some sort of elite club and its appeal is evident.

Celebrity stylist and sunglasses designer, Emefa Smith tells us why literally everyone is wearing Gucci, "Not many people know that Gucci is an integral part of 'the culture'. It has always been significant from very early on in 90's rap and in 2017 when Dapper Dan was brought on to join the Gucci team, it made a huge impact on the power of black culture and catalysed Gucci, the new wave.'