One of Nigeria’s most popular celebrity makeup artists Deola Aina says she is ecstatic about the launch of her makeup brand Deola Aina Cosmetics.

Aina who has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in Nigeria will be unveiling beauty brand, Deola Aina Cosmetics on her YouTube channel (Deola Aina) on Friday, November 13, 2020, to showcase her collection ahead of the official launch a week later on Friday, November 20.

I can’t believe I’m writing this right now, I have mixed emotions right now guys, I’m happy, excited, grateful and nervous at the same time,” she said.

“I remember during my training in MUD Makeup School as a makeup artist eight years ago, I thought it’s something I will be able to achieve, say, in my late 40’s or early 50’s; I never thought I would get here so soon.”

Aina, who has chalked up several achievements to her credit, unequivocally considered the floating of her cosmetics company as the biggest dream of her life.

This is huge for me. It’s my biggest achievement so far,” she added,

Makeup means a lot to me, after all, I’m a makeup artist, makeup to me is not just makeup, makeup to me is a boost of confidence, it makes you walk a little bit taller, for me, makeup goes much deeper than just applying a product on your face and for me to be able to create those products for you guys to use and for you guys to enjoy the benefits that come with wearing makeup, I feel like it’s such an honour and privilege to me, but my company is way more than just makeup, my company is about inspiring people to push their limit, push their boundaries because I believe that there’s no limit to human potential,” she also said.

“I have created products that I love, that are amazing that I know you guys are going to love. It’s been a journey and I want to bring you guys into this journey with me, I want us to grow together, I want us to learn together, I can’t wait for you guys to experience everything that we’ve been working on.”