Former head of the Kardashian-Jenner household turned transgender; Caitlyn Jenner has definitely taken fashion notes from the Kardashian ladies as she's been pictured stepping out in style in recent times.

The one time Olympic champion has slowly perfected his feminine part looking every inch  'Kardashian' in different dresses he's donned for the past few days.

Taking a cue of Kim Kardashian, the sixty-five year old recently rocked a black bandage dress, black pumps and clutch complete with brunette locks while giving a smile of approval for the camera.

In another Caitlyn Jenner chose a leopard print wrap dress, pumps and a sling bag with her hair let down her hair in a soft tousled look.

She was also pictured in black wrap dress and sling back low sandals and a sparkly clutch, she is definitely taking cues from his glamorous family or what do you think?

Take a look at some of his...her dress moments above.