We love a good photo shoot and when the subjects are two of the fashion and TVs big talents, we love it even more. Take a look at Jemima Osunde and Akin Faminu starring in this stunning fashion editorial.

This achingly stylish editorial features actress who has starred in MTV's Shuga and Ndani's Rumour Has It to name but a few and , Akin Faminu. Shot at Brass and Copper, Lekki's hottest new spot, this beautiful shoot is what we didn't know we needed.

Akin, who recently completed a Medical degree in Dental Surgery from Lagos University Teaching hospital, found a way to balance his studies with styling, blogging and writing, and he indeed finished with the best result among his peers. His talent and epitomisation of the male fashion influencer scenefor 5 years so far has afforded him multiple features including top fashion sites like on Vogue Italia, CNN Style, YouTube campaigns among others.

Jemima on the other hand, also deserves accolades. She has starred in major movie roles that have turned out to be blockbusters in the Nigerian film industr, popularly referred to as Nollywood, such as Jungle Jewel, My Wife and I, Lion's heart and New Money. She's also one of the leads in the series run by MTV, Shuga. All these she does while acquiring a degree in Physiotherapy in the University of Lagos and thriving at it as well.

Akin Faminu has some very poignant words for us on exploring your passion and finding all-important balance. He writes:

As I type this, I realise how very fitting it is to say that we live in a world today where it has become of utmost importance for the youth to explore and find a balance between different facets of their lives. There's never been a time where there has been more sensitisation around doing what you love and figuring out a way to make it put food on the table. Now, people are finding a way of making the regular 9-5 lifestyle work while also figuring out and exploring other passions.

The editorial celebrates their ‘other’ lives in fashion and new media through a luxurious fashion editorial as it is set among grandiose interiors which depict splendour just as much as the outfits express elegance, with emphasis on luxury.


Photography: Lex Ash (@thelexash)

Jemima’s Outfits - Jane Michael Ekanem (@janemichaelekanem)

Makeup: Laila Rahman (@leylarhcadne)

Hair: Alexandra Nnamaka (@nappyhaired)

Location: Brass and Copper, Lekki (@brassandcopperofficial)

Akin’s Silver Tuxedo - @sociietyclothings

Akin’s Print Suit - @obedclothiers for @woodinfashionnigeria

Akin’s Burgundy Suit - @kochhouse_