The new clothing items are intended for students who want to own MAXIVIVE and MXVV pieces but are bothered by the high price tags. BODUN is Nigeria's first sustainable high street brand and has been tested for a while now.

BODUN is focused on catering to the unemployed/undergraduate fashion savvy individuals who want the same quality and idea of limited edition clothing at affordable prices.

The idea behind the collection, titled, 'OLUBODUN', is to showcase the culture of appearance and staying up to date with fashion trends without wanting to keep up with circular luxurious brands. These new pieces feature offerings from slacks to jumpers at an affordable price range of 800-5000 Naira.

At the 2016 Ilorin Fashion week, creative director of BODUN, MAXIVIVE & MXVV, Papa Oyeyemi, unveiled 'OLUBODUN', the first edition from limited edition clothing brand.


Photography: Adebayo Photography.