It is a collection that perfectly blends a perfect storm of fashion, activewear, and Instagram. The full collection will be released on June 1st and open to the public at select Nike stores on the 2nd.

The designer’s “Football Nouveau” collection matches fashion’s ongoing romance with activewear, mixing NikeLab’s innovations with his well-established predilection for black, gold, and loads of embellishment.

The collection which offers outfits for both men and women, such as embroidered sneakers, golf-laced shorts, cropped tops and jackets, is, according to NikeLab, ‘a reinvention of the off-pitch look’.

According to Rousteing, the collection was inspired by winning which would explain why he chose Ronaldo who he describes as more than a footballer. “He’s an icon and he’s a champion, and he’s someone that inspires a lot of people.”

Although, he’s at the helm of one of Paris’s most exclusive haute couture fashion houses, Rousteing has adopted a “fashion for all” approach since he became creative director in 2013. “I think they feel they can relate to me,” he said in a recent Dazed interview. “My Instagram is full of young people who go, ‘I want to have your career.’ I want to spread this message of believing in yourself.”

Check out the campaign photos shot by Nick Knight for DAZED and let us know what you think of the collection.