2. Always compare prices

Before you decide to buy anything, take a day of your busy schedule the week ahead and go for window shopping. Research the features of the product you ‘need’, how people feel about it, and other important details you need to know.

You should compare the prices from the various shops for the best price and you might be surprise at the price differences you could find for the same product.

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3. Make a List before Going to the Store

When it comes to grocery shopping, you should never leave home without a list. This keeps you on track and ensures you don’t start grabbing unnecessary items. If something isn’t on your list, you should ask yourself, “Do I really need this item?” If the honest answer is “no,” practice some discipline and refrain from purchasing it.

Another valuable tip for grocery shopping is never go to the supermarket hungry. When you’re hungry, everything looks good, and you’ll end up overspending on items that looked appealing in the moment.

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4. Always have a budget and stick to it

When it comes to shopping for certain needs or occasions, such as a birthday present for your mom or furniture for a new bedroom or wedding gift for your friends, you should always have a concrete budget. By making a budget before, you get to avoid buying on impulse. If items don’t fit into your budget, then wait and get them another day.

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5. Try as Soon as You Buy

Whenever you go to the shop to buy, whatever it may be, try them as soon as you get home. There are many instances you get to buy an item and you keep it in the package for as long as God knows. If you want to be a smart shopper, don’t do any of this. As a smart shopper, return policies and warranties are your best friend, but make sure you’re taking full advantage of them.

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Even when you bought a washing machine 3 months ago with a warranty, plug it in to be sure it starts and seems to run well. It’s also wise to check out gifts you plan to give at a later date, do they work properly, and are all the parts in the box? Never take any of these for granted.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to be a smarter shopper! Pay attention to these five tips and you’ll reap the benefits.