The piece synonymous with the 'Yorubas' have long been adapted as a traditional wedding attire, worn on special occasions and so on.

The timeless material (Aso Oke) has been around forever, a wardrobe staple common with the Yoruba and has become a 'killer' look that's iconic when styled up and accessorized right.

Aso Oke is a hand loomed woven piece,  It's a 'traditional style staple' and celebrity stylist Rhoda Ebun loved for her unique bold looks is setting a trend turning 'gele' into chic styles inspiring modern looks with these ('Aso-Oke') pieces turned into chic must haves.

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Gone are the days of drab, boring 'Aso-Oke' as plain 'Gele' or 'Ipele' as Rhoda Ebun is making a case with this piece.

The style that caught my attention was the look she scored to church on 24th July 2017, she turned the look she used for her traditional wedding into a jacket complete with fab black tassels and it was a look!

The celebrity stylist who's worked with top celebrities including Dolapo Oni, Vimbai Mutinhiri as well as styled major editorials dished on her reason for turning this iconic piece into something of a modern style.

"I love fashion but in as much as I love fashion & style, I hate investing in pieces that don't have a 5 year value"Rhoda Ebun shares about her unique style.

"I'm not very much into trends. I'm also not someone who puts herself under undue pain because of fashion. I believe comfort is key. And once you're comfortable, you can exude confidence".

So with her style preference in mind, turning the Aso-Oke into a wardrobe staple came easy; "wearing the traditional Gele is a lot of pain and discomfort. I admire it in people but it's just not for me. I usually just avoid buying geles with 'Aso Ebi', I'll just go for the main fabric.

The times, I've had to buy the , it ends up taking space in my closet & becoming useless".

The top stylish turned her traditional wedding Aso Oke into a chic piece! "The Asooke Gele & Ipele I used on my traditional wedding day, I didn't bother with the stoning and beading trend because I considered it a waste of money. And I hate to invest in wasteful things.

So one day, while clearing my closet, I just had the idea to convert all the 'Geles' & 'Ipeles' I will never wear into actual garments".

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So far, she's turned her Aso Oke pieces into wardrobe staples, a favourite being the chic tassel kimonos and skirts; "So far, I've made stylish skirts, duster jackets and dresses out of them.

I'm a fashion consultant who creates collections for fashion brands anyway, so coming with designs wasn't a problem for me, so I just went with the flow. I'm still in the process of converting and I'm enjoying the process and the ideas that spring to life.

The pieces I've made so far are items that can be mixed and matched with other items in your closet. They can be styled with t-shirts and denim, dresses and can be worn as casual and glam looks.

Would you adapt Rhoda Ebun's style especially if you have a truck load of Aso-Oke/Aso-ebi?