Some could say that Tinie Tempah was in large part responsible for changing Olajumokes life. The ex-bread seller, who was caught up in the back of a Tinie Tempah photo-shoot and stole the show, has had a rags to riches fairy tale and

Rapper, Tinie Tempah and photographer Ty Bello were doing a photoshoot in Lagos when they were accidentally photo-bombed by a bread seller. The catch? The photo was perfect, and Bello was enchanted.

“Who is she? Every one has been asking if this lady is a model… It was just perfect coincidence,” wrote Bello on Instagram. The search was on. 27-year-old Olajumoke Orisaguna, mother of two, was eventually found, but the story doesn’t end there. With Bello’s help,she scored a modeling contract, and was just featured on the cover of This Day Style!

From there, Olajumoke's career has gone from strength to strength with her moving into a swanky new home and scoring many campaigns including being signed as the brand ambassador of Shirley's confectionary.

Wherever Olajumoke goes, she will not forget the man who made it all possible and on one of the biggest days of his fashion career, Olajumoke was on hand to help him celebrate.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Olajumoke wrote:

If you know my story you'll remember that the photoshoot I bombed was for British/Nigerian pop star  for He just launched his fashion line & I walked for him yesterday at ....that's him & I on stage doing the finalé...OMG I'm in tears watching this video againTinie litterarily launched my career with a  post two years ago & yesterday I did the finalé with him.My  I actually wish I could fly on that stage last night. Please check out  & buy. When I make plenty money, I'll buy some & do a giveaway

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Tinie Tempah debuts label What We Wear

Tinie Tempah is undeniably one of Britain's most stylish celebrities. And unlike many famous men you see on the red carpet, Britain’s biggest rapper has not earned this reputation by always relying on a stylist. This is a man who clearly loves clothes and cares about what he wears.

So it comes as no surprise that he would eventually go into the world of fashion design himself. His label WW. WEAR (What We Wear) describes itself as:

A London based contemporary brand inspired by the wardrobe of the modern man. Incorporating timeless British style with modernity, redefining the traditional sports silhouettes. Functionality and simplicity is the WWW aesthetic with a focus on fabric, silhouette and colour.