Prints/African 'Ankara' make statements as they stand out in any and every style.

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They are usually featured in lush prints that work perfectly for weekend events in different styles that can be styled all out glamorous or toned down to look casual to fit almost every occasion.

For a special weekend curation, the peplum top is a favourite pick. Easily a flattering style, peplums are crafted in different ways with a great feature that seeks to cinch the waist - with the nip tuck effect the pleats create on different body shapes.

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Peplum come in variants, it could be full-on pleats, asymmetric, triangular, half peplum and more but in any variant, the pleats at the waist is crafted to cinch the waist. Note that it's important to know what peplum style works for different bodyshapes and sizes.

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Take a look at seven different styles as inspiration to try out the look for the weekend.