Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) 2016 is set to host a conference designed to attract foreign investments to the fashion industry at this year's edition.

In addition to the catwalk shows and exhibition, the organizers of AFWL 2016 organizers  team up with the SUN newspaper for  awareness to the globalization of African Fashion.

With featured topics including the 'Place of African fashion in the global market:  Problems, prospects and perspectives', 'Youth empowerment through the fashion industry', 'The growth of the African Garment Industry: why multinationals are using Africa in their supply chain' and 'Exploitation or Big Business?:  the use of African artisan craft in major fashions without credit'.

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The conference promises to be an eye opener to emerging fashion creatives who would get to know about views on why African fashion has such an impact on global fashions, hear from major clients on why Africa is being heralded as the next major exporter of finished garments for the world market as well a draw out lessons from current projects and the importance of collaboration to the delivery of future developments amongst other things.

"It is time the African fashion industry is taken more seriously as an income and job generator, as well as a sector capable of weathering the ups and downs of the African economy.

Africa has huge potentials of becoming one of the world's apparel and textile milieu. But to achieve this, significant international investment is needed to build the industrial infrastructure required.

At the London conference, we aim to enhance the value of African fashion industry on the world stage especially as regards youth development and job creation, attract investments and create avenues for the public-private sector partnership negotiations to create symbiotic relationships that will mutually benefit investors and stakeholders.

London is one of the major fashion capitals of the world. It is a great honor for us and the African continent to have a professional international platform to promote African fashion industry, Africa heritage, African Values, African Textiles through AFWL.

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Africa is already generating global brands with value chains. This event will obviously revitalize the demand for traditional craftsmanship and creating jobs.” the Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief of The Sun Publishing Limited, Eric Osagie revealed about the conference.


Date: 9th to 10th September 2016

Venue: London Olympia West Hall, Kensington London