The two stars look regal wearing tulle Mai Atafo dresses as they talk about their careers, navigating Nollywood and reveal their most outrageous on set experiences and their exciting new roles in the new movie, The Setup.

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Speaking about the the cover shoot with the two stars, the author writes, "When it became official that Adesua Etomi-Wellington and Dakore Egbuson-Akande would cover this month’s The Cover magazine, I knew we were in for a treat. Having encountered both of them at separate occasions (that they would definitely not remember), my excitement was real. So one thing I knew for sure was that the vibe was going to be great. There wasn’t going to be all of those, “diva-ness” on set."

On Dakore learning that she could act:I didn’t realize I could act. I knew I was dramatic, extra sometimes, loved music but I never really thought about myself as an actor (as she prefers to be addressed) I just stumbled into it and I did it with a 100%.” You can hear the passion she has for her craft as she says, “Acting is my life and I’m so blessed for that happening.”

When Adesua told her parents she wanted to act: “I didn’t tell my parents I wanted to act until I was 19 or 20 and I remember having the conversation with my mum and she said; if this is what you want to do, then go for it” 

Dakore talking about on-set challenges: Balogun market is one of the craziest place you can think of filming, even though we had army escorts with us but they were working with a time frame. They told us they would leave once it was 6pm. We initially thought it was a joke until it clocked 6pm and they left and this was when all the bad guys were warming up to come out. It was nuts, but we had to find a way to get the shots and get it done”.

Adesua Etomi and Dakore Egbuson-Akande are ethereal on the cover of Accelerate TV's 'The Cover' [Credit: The Cover]
Adesua Etomi and Dakore Egbuson-Akande are ethereal on the cover of Accelerate TV's 'The Cover' [Credit: The Cover]

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Dakore on balancing her career with motherhood: “The struggle is real, it is tough and there are times when my kids don’t see me. I remember one time I was shooting in South Africa and they were in LA and I was there for two months. I mean, I saw them on face time but it is not the same. So there are times when I don’t get to see them as much as I want to. It is a chaotic life but this is what they know and I believe it is powerful for my two daughters to see their mother actually go out and work so that when they get older they will realize things don’t just come to them.”

Adesua on their new movie 'The Setup':  “I remember reading the script and being so excited about the story. I love stories that are complex and it doesn’t get any more complex than the Set Up, because I like stories that challenge the audience. I think it is really important to stimulate the minds of our audiences and I think we definitely did that with The Set Up.”


Cover Story: Chidinma Igbokweuche

Creative Styling and Directing: Tokyo James

Photography: Chu Chu Ojekwe

Dresses: Mai Atafo