The singer who's declared his love for/obviously loves his African 'Adire', 'Tie & Dye', Ankara prints and more  known for his bold, colourful and somewhat eclectic looks spares no styling detail when he decides to 'get dressed'.

A recent chat with the singer's stylist Donald Onugha reveals the need to style the African style loving singer in looks "representing culture and heritage" every time he gets the opportunity (which is pretty much everytime).

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Known to love to "appear grand" everytime, Onugba reveals his client is "very particular about his brand" one that exports Africa in every way; from the pieces put together down to the colourful accessories which he pulls off just well.

Adekunle Gold is bold enough to rock a perfectly tailored matching print suit with colourful accessories, he's one to pair a tailored blazer and distressed denim with Ankara shirt, he'd pair a graphic tee shirt over denim with a 'Yoruba' cap.

"Adekunle Gold is very particular about his brand and tends to appear grand at all times, be it on a stage or for his music videos. I just try to make good designs that I feel would look grand on him and get matching accessories to complete the look I envisaged. Most times, I work with other designers whom I feel can make what I want" his stylist Donald Onugba reveals how the bold looks get a pass everytime.

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His style adventure has seen him donning tie and dye tees with accessories screaming (proudly) African, damask paired with embellished cap, aso oke vest, a graphic denim with 'Adire' pants and more-not forgetting going occasionally bare chested under this tailored pieces- are some of the looks he does ever so effortlessly.

Love or hate him, his style is never off whatever he dons! Anything to show a glint of Africa(n) in any get up and for a simple stylish singer like him, that's commendable. He pulls off any Afrocentric look anytime and perfectly.

Don't forget someone puts these bold looks together; Donald Onugha who designs and interpretes his style just perfect.