Once again,

undefinedChloe Ball-Hopkins, a BBC reporter, para-athlete and a wheelchair user on a line of specially adapted clothes for wheelchair users.

Ball-Hopkins is a Great Britain Paralympian and BBC Bristol sports reporter, who sent ASOS an email several months ago urging it to make fashion accessible for everybody. ASOS listened to Ball-Hopkins’s proposal of a wheelchair-friendly waterproof all-in-one. The idea came to Chloe after a rainy day at Splendour Festival in 2017 and now she's presenting us with the finished product.

The tie-dye jumpsuit sits in the ASOS Design category with Ball-Hopkins herself modelling the colourful festival jumpsuit being retailed at N24k.

In her tweet Chloe wrote: 'So over the last several months I have been working with @ASOS to create a fashionable, yet practical waterproof all in one!

'Not just for people like me in a chair but for anyone. It's about making fashion accessible! So what should be next?!'

According to the item's product description, 'It’s not just any jumpsuit. We’ve adapted it to be wheelchair-friendly, too. The jacket and trousers zip together and are fully waterproof. The hem’s also a little longer at the back, to stop it from riding up when you’re getting from A to B.'

A brilliant move from ASOS and a step in the right direction towards more specially adapted clothing so absolutely everyone can join in the fun.