The designer who tells a tale of 'Asoebi' & 'Lagos Weddings' with presentation opened with an introduction to 'Lagos and Owambe', 'Weddings', 'Wedding Guest and Asoebi' revealing the Lagos style is a vibrant one.

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Opening the specially curated showcase with a wedding guest/Asoebi look featuring an intricate detailed swing dress nipped in the waist with a sash paired with 'gele', the designer paraded an offering of different pieces making up a Lagos style 'celebration'.

Traditional men's look soon followed in a dense lush white lace paired with cap 'asoebi' style with a complete 'Aso oke' (matching 'Iro & Buba' complete with 'Gele & Ipele') for the lady following suit.

The man followed again with the same matching Aso-oke details (in complete 'agbada') featuring frayed edges for a modern twist (mimicking trad engagement style).

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A Mai Atafo presentation is incomplete without his signature suits and bridal pieces which made way into the collection; a simple cape detailed piece with minimal details sashayed down the runway with a grey suit following closely behind.

Other offerings include a flowing tail detailed bridal bustier piece, more fitting suits and bridal masterpieces telling a soft tale of a 'Wedding Owambe'.