Last year’s edition of the Verve Life was awesome, this year’s edition takes this a mile further!

Make it a date with us on Saturday 16th of June, 2018 at Landmark Event Center, Victoria-Island, Lagos, Let’s workout together, exercise, have a tonne of fun, food while keeping the energy up, trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

yeah, you are already thinking of the many excuses to keep you at home! well, who wouldn’t! But you see, a flatter tummy, wider biceps, tighter muscles are ZERO EXCUSES away!, you just have to put in the work, like we say, GO HARD OR GO HOME!

It’s going to be back to back fitness routines, fun, food, dance and you know, all things healthy living because you know how we do! So join Nigeria’s Dance Queen; Kaffy and the Leader of the #NunuGang and #Amoshine crooner; Charles Okocha for The Verve Life 2.0

Featuring Aerobics, Zumba, Choreography, Dance Workouts, Nutrition and Fitness Masterclasses, Yoga, Martial Arts, Football and lot more, get ready to be thrilled to the best!

You know what’s amazing? Admission is absolutely FREE! So, tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend, bring everybody along, share this to everyone you know! Who says the kids can’t get fit as well? We have a dedicated and secure area for them to exercise and have fun while you focus on your routines!

Everyone is invited, just register to attend at See you there!

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