Eventbrite is one of the world’s largest events planning platform whose main goal is to connect the people or the world through live experience.

And, in doing this, the platform help you creates events that best suit your interest. Also, Eventbrite provides you with vital information that are needed for throwing  mind blowing events without issues.

Eventbrite event creation process is designed to be easily accessible and light weight in nature.

How does Eventbrite works?

1. Create.

Firstly, carefully fill in your event details and choose a ticket type. And without any further complications, your page is ready.

2. Promote.

You will need to invite people to your events and also need a new audience; for this reason, you will need promotional tools which are provided by this platform.

3. Host.

Finally, go through the guest list and scan tickets.

With these few steps, you are on the verge of throwing a problem free event.

What are the procedures of creating an event?

The event creation process includes 3 basic steps. All you have to do is choose “create an event” to start setting up your own events.


Event details.

Add a title, set the date and time. Only an event title is required along with the date to save your event and preview your progress. You can also update the details of your event at any time.

Also under step 1

1. Set a venue location.

Should it happen that you are not sure of the venue for your event, you can simply enter a state and city in the address field provided, and the location will automatically pop up on your event list. But if it doesn't work, you can enter the address manually, a help center is provided to help in choosing the best image to promote your event.

2. Share informations about your event.

Do not forget the importance of sharing details and important information about your event if you are looking forward to a large turnout, which of course everyone is. You have to spread the word in other for people to know what your event is all about.

3. Add information about the event organizer.

This is important because people need to know this before they come for an event. The information is located in the organizer profile, it is also possible to edit or add more information for your event only. Social media links are made available to help promote your event.


Create free tickets or tickets for sale.

All you need to do is come up with a ticket name and also the quantity that will be available. There is no cost for selling tickets when using Eventbrite.

Also under step 2.

1. Set the price for paid tickets.

When you enter a price for the tickets, you will see the 'buyer total.' The fees are automatically added on top of the ticket price which has been set up by you and paid for by the ticket buyer.

2. Set the capacity for the venue.

The total amount tickets created by you are added up in the 'total capacity' field, but it is possible to change it.

3. Add a donation ticket to collect donations.

Fund raising is made easy for your cause, make sure to add a donation option and leave it so you will be able to accept unlimited donations

Step 3:

Make public your page: By making your page public, it is easily accessible by search engines while it is not the same with private pages. But if you want some form of privacy in your event, you can use a password to protect your client listing.

Also under step 3.

1. Choose an event type and topic.

You will need to determine the event topic and the type of event you want it to be if you want people to able to find your event.

2. Choose a design theme for your event.

You can choose 'design' if you want to load a theme, and there are about  15- pre-built theme to choose from. But should it be that they are not to your liking, you can also design your own theme. To publish your event, you simply choose 'make event live.' And to check up the orderliness of things, you can see the manage page.

Here are 5 tips you need to create a mind-blowing event with the help of Eventbrite.

1. Know your audience.

This is the first step to take if you desire mind blowing events. To call forth attendees and sponsors, you have to create materials that will draw the attention of the people you wish to attend your event. It has to be super exciting, captivating and morally relevant to them. And in other to understand them better, ensure you collect as much information as you can from them during the registration process. This will be a helpful guide.

2. Location is the key.

There is nothing that is as vital as location when it comes to event's creation. And in other not to lose track, you should think of the impression you want people to have of your event and the location that will fit that bill best. You also have your budget to consider and most importantly space, depending on how big or small you want your event to be

3. Attract the right speakers.

Find a speaker that connect with the topic you have chosen for the event because they are the one to impact your audience with knowledge. Pay for their room and meals but do not fund their appearance. You are giving them as much opportunity that you are getting as well. so, it's a two-way thing.

4. Implement innovative tactics to sell out early.

Social media can be very helpful when it comes to this; you can also send out emails. Be strict with the price of your ticket and believe in their worth.

5. Make the prize your target.

It is rare for events to go exactly according to plans. Don't over think things, people hardly notice the mistakes and even if they do they can be quite forgiving. Remember that people attend to generally have a good time and they would have more fun if they see that their host is having fun. So, do not let anything stop you from enjoying the event you worked so hard to create.

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