On the 2nd of June, social digital wallet Nairabox had a press conference to introduce its mobile wallet app. The app caters to serve as a mobile wallet, where users can pay for bills, buy airtime, pay for events and cinemas tickets, donate and more. This was announced at a press conference which took place at the BL Restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Nairabox Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Jay Chikezie, introduced the team and also talked about how to get on board the app saying “you get Nairabox by following 3 steps which includes Downloading and Signing up, Add Funds, Use Nairabox to pay for your goods and services”.

“Nairabox allows you to do everything quicker,” explained Mr Tokunbo Adetona, Nairabox Cofounder and Chief Financial Officer as he led the presentation of the app’s features and benefits. “It is a lifestyle change. It literally is changing your wallet to an app, so you can make payments; from bill payments, to donations, to event tickets purchases, cinema tickets, buy airtime, and you get rewarded for doing these things. One of the rewards includes 5% discount when you pay with your Nairabox acc at BL Restaurant” he added.

On how safe the Nairabox mobile wallet app is, Nairabox Co-founder, CEO and Head Developer, Mr Damilola Jegede had this to say: "Nairabox is pretty safe. We know in the modern day and age, everyone worries about security. Security is at the heart of Nairabox, it is the beginning and end of the product. Nairabox is encrypted from end to end. We made sure to mitigate every form of security threat, by encrypting all transactions from end to end, from when you do it on the mobile app itself to the transportation to the server, from there to financial processing and back, it's all encrypted to ensure that its tamper proof."

Also announced at the Press Conference was the winner of the Nairabox Democracy Day Promo, Miss Adanna Chukwumerije.