Former Miss Nigeria USA 2015 and now, reigning Miss Africa USA -

Founded in 2015, The Lead Girl Foundation was established with the aim of assisting women across Africa and women of color in the Diaspora with becoming financially independent through entrepreneurship and vocational skills training. The non-profit Organization looks forward to giving women the chance to earn and make the most of their skillsets, in order to create higher living standards for themselves and their families as well as stronger economies for the countries they reside in.

Women who are financially independent have greater control over their own lives. Yet, women around the world still lack the capital, skills, and network to be employable or to employ in the long term. The Lead Girl Foundation envisions a world where women and girls have equal opportunities, as well as thecapital, skillset and network necessary to become financially independent, resulting in a more secure future.

The Foundation provides support in these key areas so that women and girls can grow businesses and/or create employment opportunities for themselves and others. The Lead Girl Foundation aims to be an unwavering advocate for women and girls in regards to financial independence.

“The Lead Girl Foundation has an enormous mission ahead” says, Frances O. Udukwu, former Miss Nigeria USA 2015, reigning Miss Africa USA and Executive Director of The Lead Girl Foundation. “Empowering women is one of the smartest investments we can make. Financial independence gives women choices. It enables women to spend more on their families, drive growth in their economies and inspire others in their communities”, she adds.

“The Lead Girl Foundation is a women empowerment and educational movement”, says Mrs. LadyKate Atabong Ndi, Founder of Miss Africa USA and Appointed Commissioner of African Affairs for the State of Maryland. “Women are a vital part of our nation’s economy. But, women struggle to access critical resources to start and grow businesses, in comparison to male counterparts”.

Efforts of the Charity Gala will assist in the establishment of  the first all-girls vocational training programme as part of the Holy Rosary College ( curriculum in Uwani, Enugu State, Nigeria. Ultimately, the goal is to fundraise $50,000 in order to:

  • ship a 40ft container of donated vocational training materials for subjects in - cosmetology, ICT, culinary arts and mechanics
  • purchase uniform fabric and tailoring for top 10% of College (180 students) 
  • provide a $1,000 scholarship to one deserving young woman of color in the diaspora with the desire to enroll in a trade or vocational program anywhere in the United States

The Lead Girl Foundation Inaugural Charity Gala is an Enugu State Government endorsed program. Major sponsors this year include; the Miss Africa USA Pageant Organization, Bella Naija, Jaguda, Africa Connect, Pulse Nigeria, Shea Yeleen, Applause Africa, Voice of America - Africa, I/O Spaces, and many more!

Please join former Miss Nigeria USA 2015 and now, reigning Miss Africa USA - Frances O. Udukwu as her non-profit Organization,

Venue: Silver Spring Civic Center - 1 Veterans Place, Silver Spring MD 20910,

Date: Friday, July 15th at 7pm.

Tickets are on sale for $65 and can be purchased at www.