Live2love Women Conference which came up on 10th of June, 2017 was a mind-blowing event. Women from various walks of life graced the conference with their presence. Notable speakers were on ground to make the conference one that cannot be forgotten in a long while to come.

The convener; Bukola Oyetunji is a life coach, motivational speaker, author of two inspirational books and the Founder of Live2love Network; an NGO that is particular about the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of Youths, Women and Married People. The theme for this maiden Women Conference is YOU ARE ENOUGH. This theme was borne out of the need to encourage women to believe in themselves and let go of all limits they consciously or subconsciously set for themselves.

They were adequately encouraged to put to use all the treasures that resides deep within them so as to have a positive impact on their family, community, organisation, nation as well as the world as a whole. The speakers did a great job at making the time participants spent at the conference worthwhile. The first speaker; Funto Ibuoye, spoke about Tapping into the God-Given Treasures in YOU. The second Speaker; Lepacious Bose encouraged women to appropriately develop themselves in order to achieve self confidence.

The keynote speaker; Yetunde Bankole Bernard - The Identity Coach, encouraged women to discover who they are, defend it and stand by it. At this conference, the panel discussants are Tosin Praise-Fowowe, Bridget Elesin and Wunmi Omololu. these wonderful women talked on the topic; Standing out as a balanced woman... It was indeed an awesome one.

Reviews of Live2love Women Conference from participants "It was an awesome event which all the speakers and Penalists Performed brilliantly and all their speech Penetrate into my body Positively of which they let me realize that as a woman you have to stand by your Self and I was also thought how to be a balanced woman.

God will continue to strengthen you and reward all your efforts in Jesus name. Honestly, I have now learnt how to focus on my immediate needs without first meeting the needs of all around me who only take advantage of me. Because I had the courage to forgo a lot of other pressing needs to attend the Conference meant a New Me emerged. I have gone through a lot in life all alone, just like the experience Lepacious Bose shared. But God never fails. Real blessings Sister Bukola Oyetunji. Keep the flag flying.” - Charity Uzoamaka "Live2love Women Conference was simply monumental!" - Divinelove Mmaduka