Abujas No 1 outdoor rave JamRock Abuja Fest, is a quarterly event that brings life to Abuja with energetic ambiance, diverse crowd, great cocktails, barbecue, shisha and lots more.

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Its venue, Sarius Palmetum botanical garden, Maitama is a 20 hectare exotic private botanical garden in the heart of the city. JamRock Fest starts at 3pm with chilled ambiance, complementary drinks and by 10pm, the atmosphere is pumped up with exhilarating energy, creating a moon rave like never been seen before.

The recently concluded 5th edition celebrated JamRock Abuja 1 year anniversary with a lot of freebies hosting a record crowd of 1,100 while its 6 edition was a sick tiki/luau vibe pool party. Apart from the themed events which differs in every edition, a dash of surprise performance or presence from celebrity artists spices up Abuja's No 1 rave.

Music includes: Naija, funky house, Dancehall, reggae and afrobeats. The next event themed “JamRock Independence Edition” will take place on October 1, 2016.

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