Childrens day special- Story Theatre with Grandma Wura is an adventure of African tales with drama, music and dance performed live on stage for the family and especially children at the Terra Arena, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The musical which is directed by Israel Eboh, choreographed by Uche Onah and songs composed by multi-instrumentalist Patrick Edwards, is a #Back2myRoots project initiative by Proud African Root.

Grandma Wura, a riveting grandmother character engages children through storytelling, songs and the likes. She tells a story she titles "I wish, I wish" about a little girl (Nkechi) who wished that she was an ant just because she didn't want to work , do any house chore or hold any responsibility at all.

Unfortunately for Nkechi, her wish came through but then she realised that there was more to being an ant as opposed to what she thought and as she was able to learn some values about ants, with regards to leadership and responsibility.

The music, acting and dancing scenes were really intriguing as kids present at the event were excited to be there.

The involvement of a good number of kids in the cast was definitely fascinating especially the presence of the smallest kid  (about the age of six) who played quite a visible role.

The use of so many colours, matching costumes to represent different elements, dance scene and of course the singing scenes, performed by both the kids and the adults made the play a really captivating one for kids. That way, it was easier for them to follow to the letter and most importantly they learnt one or two morals from the play as grandma Wura requested for feedbacks from the kids at the end of the story.

The play indeed had the right kind of energy to attract kids plus the funny scenes displayed by several characters and grandma Wura's frequent intervention at different points in the play to explain to the kids what was really happening was super dope.

Story Theatre with Grandma Wura is indeed a play for kids to learn from and you can be sure they'll learn the right morals necessary for developing a leadership ability and sense of responsibility in kids.