The 7th Annual ELOY Awards over the past six year's have covered various categories with a list of nominees published for general members of the public to nominate their favourite.

The ELOY Awards brings Ladies Who Inspire Awards (Recognition Awards) to celebrate trailblazing pioneers who are shaping our world today.

This edition welcomes a new host of skilled women who have shaped their career and Inspire across a range of categories to be scrutinised by our judges.

Nominations and voting for the other categories ends on the 23rd of November.

Tewa Onasanya said in a statement "the aim as always is to be able to continue to inspire, motivate and empower women, celebrate our successes and show that it can be done. Our distinguished judges were carefully selected and they embody ladies who are doing exceptionally well in their chosen fields and are great examples of strong women doing great things. We want other women to be inspired by these women and strive to be the best they can be”.

ELOY Ladies who Inspire Awards (winner chosen by judges)


Send nominations to including your contact details and Reasons for nominations: In your own words, please describe in detail your nominee's specific accomplishment with a focus on impact, potential for growth and the ability to